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View to Almada from Christo
The view to Almada upriver (the Ocean to your left) from the Cristo.

Have a look at this amazing set of photos of Almada. Almada is right across from Lisbon, on the south bank of the Tagus River. The Tagus, although fairly narrow at Almada, has a large estuary upstream; for the lower reaches this is a tidal river with brackish water.

The view to the Ocean from the Cristo. Our Venue, the Almada Youth Hostel, is not visible but located very near the green trees left of the bridge.

Almada was really the most logical spot to build a bridge, and in 1966 the 70m high red suspension bridge was finalized. It was re-named later, after the date of the peaceful revolution in 1974: “the 25th of April Bridge”. If you are coming to our event, you will see the bridge all the time, for we are located right next to it.

See also the google map here: Google Map Almada Pousada de Juventude (zoom in and out and fly around!)

(photo credit: Portuguese Eyes under creative commons on Flickr)


A few of you asked if there would be any possibilities during the three days to present what you are doing, either your KM project or program, or the work of your organizations or network. The bulk of the workshop – June 19 and 20 – will be carried out as an Open Space, which will allow you to raise any topic you choose and to discuss these with interested workshop participants.

But we are also planning – on June 18 – a day of KM4dev community discovery (or re-discovery!). During this day, you will have many opportunities to discuss and reflect on KM4dev, both the community and the KM for development domain. We also want to invite those of you who want to put forward what you are doing by creating posters. These posters should be sufficient to “tell the story” without you standing next to it but we will do a lunch-hour walkabout session for those who want to ask questions. There is space in the main area for 12 posters which will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Any in addition will be posted around the workshop venue where space permits. We will have markers and flip chart paper, you will need to bring any other material you’ll need. Please note: we will not have any access to computers or audio-visual equipment such as LCD projectors, this will be a “low-tech” environment!

If you wish to create a poster, please send me an email before June 13: llamoureux[AT]

We have arranged for wireless internet access at the workshop, so if you are attending and able to take a laptop, please do! We hope as many participants as possible will take laptops, not only to be able to connect, but also to support us in two other ways:

1) With a lot of Open Space sessions going on, it would be great to capture the outputs electronically on the spot to make it easier to collect, and to make it easier to share with KM4Dev folks who are not at the event

2) Use of laptops will also help our efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the event. We intend to make as much of the content needed for the workshop as possible available electronically, so if you are able to put it directly on your computer, it will make things easier.

Whether or not you have a laptop, please bring a flash/jump drive, memory stick or whatever you like to call your favourite portable storage device 🙂 It will come in handy…

While on the environmental thread, with all the (electronic) letters of confirmation that went out, we asked participants to bring along a mug to minimize use of disposable cups. Also, the possibility of purchasing a carbon offset related to one’s travel was suggested.

Finally, we intend to do as much as we can to recycle materials that are used at the workshop. Any other ideas? We are keen to keep the energy/waste issues in mind, so any suggestions or ideas are most welcome!

In our volunteer Organizing Committee, we started out with the dedication to enable distant participation for our Event, as we realize very well that it is only a small part of our community that can be present at our face-2-face Gathering. However, when looking into the actual possibilities it proved not easy. There is a real challenge in finding a way to cater for the widely diverse bunch that is KM4dev! Timezones, bandwidth/connectivity and getting the attention from the “information overloaded” as well as the “hardly wired” are only some of the problems. Time, and how to get all the hardly visible facilitation and stewarding work done, are others.

Pragmatism was forced upon us, and we decided to have some online discussion on the email list prior to our meeting [the online discussion has started, the first topic is about impact of KM go to ], and to have as good as possible reporting during our meeting.

This is coming straight out of our meeting notes:

Q: How to engage those who cannot be there, or how to prepare for those who will be there??


  • feed into peoples’ thinking, for who will be present at the f2f AND
  • offer an opportunity to those not in Almada to signal topics on content or process AND
  • (during/afterwards) report out of Almada into the world.

Ideas about online activities:

Reporting is relatively easy. The question of input is more interesting and challenging. A dynamic blog, combined with some social network or other online option for people to give some input, like sharing photos, do a blog; have some dialogue feed into the event. Another suggestion was to maybe open up for chat moments with the wider community. The only doubt about it, is how to open up those moments. Need to ask this question to the community to identify who is interested in what, from a remote perspective. Future of KM4Dev discussion should not be limited to F2F. Other topics, theoretically, we can talk about anytime on the list. The idea is to focus on things that require action or decision, rather than our ongoing learning about our domain.

It shows the objective and aspirations we have for this blog: to be YOURS, to be dynamic, and to have dialogue. It also shows that we are open to other suggestions, if there is interest; “chat moments”, could be an option. Lastly, it shows that the future of KM4dev should not be limited or focused around face-2-face events; ambitions are to really improve the “remote experience”!

Hello! or rather, Olá a todos!… this is Your Local Host speaking. By means of these blogposts I plan to give you small idea of where you will be going for our event. We will be “zooming out” from the venue to the surroundings. Please ask questions or otherwise comment, so I know what more you might be interested in!

This is a small presentation of the place where we will stay:

The place really has stunning views over the river. The photos in our flickr group (see on the right) are made by me on a cloudy day; in reality it is better.

Another good thing about our venue is that we can make it our own. Except from the staff and a few groups that will train during office hours, we have it for exclusive KM4dev use. A good way to build community!

And a last good thing: there is an in-house café. Portuguese coffee is even better than the Italian and this is the price list:

Welcome to our KM4dev2008 Blog. This is the place to get information about our upcoming event. You can also add and help build a nice set of resources around our meeting in Almada.

You can:

  • write blogposts (eg. about content for the Open Space session, or how you are preparing for our meeting)
  • comment on blogposts. We LOVE getting comments and thus starting the conversations!
  • tag web-resources that you think can be interesting for other participants by adding the tag “km4dev2008” in
  • join our Flickr group or tag pictures in flickr with km4dev2008

Ok, the Space is Open, go ahead!