Hello KM4dev2008!

Welcome to our KM4dev2008 Blog. This is the place to get information about our upcoming event. You can also add and help build a nice set of resources around our meeting in Almada.

You can:

  • write blogposts (eg. about content for the Open Space session, or how you are preparing for our meeting)
  • comment on blogposts. We LOVE getting comments and thus starting the conversations!
  • tag web-resources that you think can be interesting for other participants by adding the tag “km4dev2008” in del.icio.us
  • join our Flickr group or tag pictures in flickr with km4dev2008

Ok, the Space is Open, go ahead!


  1. josienkapma

    write comments too and start knowing the other participants!

  2. P.J.Bury@IRC

    Hey Josien, are you the one busy with cows in Portugal? Yeah, I’m living among asparagus and cherries, both a plenty with Emilia, my old neighbour farmer. Gosh she is so cheap compared to buying vegies and fruit in downtown Milano! Can’t wait to come to Almada ;-).

    Who else do we know here?

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