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In our volunteer Organizing Committee, we started out with the dedication to enable distant participation for our Event, as we realize very well that it is only a small part of our community that can be present at our face-2-face Gathering. However, when looking into the actual possibilities it proved not easy. There is a real challenge in finding a way to cater for the widely diverse bunch that is KM4dev! Timezones, bandwidth/connectivity and getting the attention from the “information overloaded” as well as the “hardly wired” are only some of the problems. Time, and how to get all the hardly visible facilitation and stewarding work done, are others.

Pragmatism was forced upon us, and we decided to have some online discussion on the email list prior to our meeting [the online discussion has started, the first topic is about impact of KM go to http://tinyurl.com/479f5g ], and to have as good as possible reporting during our meeting.

This is coming straight out of our meeting notes:

Q: How to engage those who cannot be there, or how to prepare for those who will be there??


  • feed into peoples’ thinking, for who will be present at the f2f AND
  • offer an opportunity to those not in Almada to signal topics on content or process AND
  • (during/afterwards) report out of Almada into the world.

Ideas about online activities:

Reporting is relatively easy. The question of input is more interesting and challenging. A dynamic blog, combined with some social network or other online option for people to give some input, like sharing photos, do a blog; have some dialogue feed into the event. Another suggestion was to maybe open up for chat moments with the wider community. The only doubt about it, is how to open up those moments. Need to ask this question to the community to identify who is interested in what, from a remote perspective. Future of KM4Dev discussion should not be limited to F2F. Other topics, theoretically, we can talk about anytime on the list. The idea is to focus on things that require action or decision, rather than our ongoing learning about our domain.

It shows the objective and aspirations we have for this blog: to be YOURS, to be dynamic, and to have dialogue. It also shows that we are open to other suggestions, if there is interest; “chat moments”, could be an option. Lastly, it shows that the future of KM4dev should not be limited or focused around face-2-face events; ambitions are to really improve the “remote experience”!


  1. The concept of giving access to those who cannot make it to those high profile meetings ,is a revolution.

    Infact exclusion of deprived people in consultation, is causing the issue we want to bring forward in these sessions.

    KM concept is great, but a real challenge to start with.members in development sector are not ready to share their experiences and knowledge.

    My first suggestion is let us call it, knowledge Sharing , rather than KM.

    I am trying to do it single handedly and you may like to visit


    for a reveiw.

    Shall continue to do my bit,since I beleive in the cause.

    M Jahangir


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