Taxi pool set up

taxi in Lisbon [by brunurb on flickr cc]

The best way to go from the airport to the venue is by taxi. All taxis are metered. The trip to Almada one way, would probably cost about 30 to 35 euro.

The line for taxis on Lisbon airport can get very long, but usually keeps moving steadily, so that in the end the waiting time is not too much.
Ask for Almada (over de bridge, (the name in Portuguese is “Ponte vinte-e-cinco (25) de Abril). Immediately over the bridge you take the turn-off, then do NOT follow Almada, but rather “Hospital”. The “Garcia de Horta Hospital” is right next to our venue. Passing the Hospital, follow the indications “Pousada de Juventude”. I find the Google map gives a very good feeling for the surroundings, especially if you select “satellite” and zoom in.

Taxis are generally reasonably safe/good. One tip is to only pay the amount shown on the meter. Do not believe the claims for luggage or evening rate, or having to pay the toll on the way back, all this should be included in the amount shown on the meter. Some taxis are able to give a receipt. Very few take card payments. All appreciate a modest tip :-).

Denise, in a comment to the post “all made in Almada” has started of with a “Taxi Pool”, asking for others who arrive around the same time. This seems an economical, green and cosy way of travelling. Let’s all follow suit and comment to this post with arrival times and suggestions for rides. See for who is coming also the comments or this direct link:

Here’s Denise start:

Any of you arriving on Wednesday evening? Perhaps we can coordinate for the taxi. I am supposed to land there at 9:20pm. Cheers.


  1. Giving those, who cannot make it to the conference, a chance to participate via blog is a great initiative.

    KM for development ,to me is more of sharing your knowledge, experiences and what ever you are doing .
    This in turn avoids duplication of efforts , particularly in the developing world.
    Other important vaenue to share can be what you plan to do, and have comments of others working on the subject.
    This will increase the efficiency of acheivements in the area.
    The challenge is people donot share their data, information,findings and projects.. till too late.

    The initiatives to encourage to share knowledge in the developing world need to be discussed .seriously in the upcomming gathering.

    Logistics of KM both electonic and physical may also be outlined.

    M Jahangir

  2. P.J.Bury@IRC

    Taxi Pool ?
    I arrive on Tuesday 17th June at 16:05 hrs with Iberia 3102 from Madrid
    Anyone wants to share a taxi? – Peter

  3. Vijaya

    Peter, I am scheduled to arrive at 14 30hours via Flt no KL1693. I suppose by the time I get through immigration it will be a good one hour and I can wait for a while to share taxi. Let me know

  4. Andrea

    I will arrive in Lisbon at 20:05 on Iberia 3106 from Madrid, on Wed night – anyone else on that flight wants to share a taxi to the hostel?

  5. Allison Hewlitt

    I will be arriving at 1130am (if all goes according to plan) on TP6700 from Frankfurt.

    Happy to find a cab sharer.

  6. Michael Roberts

    Hi I arrive on Flight FLT/4530 from Frankfurt at 11:30AM June 17.

  7. Nadejda Loumbeva

    Peter, I will arrive on Tuesday June 17th (tomorrow …) at around 17h. I will fly with TAP Portugal from Rome … If you feel like sticking around until 17.15 – 17.30, please do so that we can share a taxi. (I guess there may be a main area of some sort …?) If not, I will get there by myself … No worries.

    Thanks and talk to you all soon,
    (Nadejda Loumbeva)

  8. P.J.Bury@IRC

    To all who may end up on the same taxi (vijaya, nadejda, …) as me: you can reach me on cell (also by sms of course) +39 334 3296201, till tomorrow, Peter

  9. I’m in town already for another meeting, staying at Hotel Mundial if anyone wants to come into town to have dinner, call my mobile. Hm, do I really want to post my mobile on a blog? Hm. Josien has my number!

  10. Denise

    Andrea if you want to wait for an hour I arrive at 21:20 and will have no luggage to wait for. Cheers. Denise

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