Social Program

This information is very important before you decide which meals to eat at the venue.

On the 18th, maybe around sunset, a group will walk to the statue of Cristo Rei nearby to gaze at the views.
On the 19th after dinner, Paula da Costa, who was one of the persons putting carnation flowers in gun barrels during the 1974 peaceful revolution, will give a short talk to give us a sense of history of Portugal.
On the 20th, we will have a contribution of this band (with our community member Bill Williams). Bring your musical instruments! (and other music, for that matter)


  1. lucielamour

    That sounds wonderful! Looking forward to hearing them live!

  2. dsenmartin

    The walk to the Cristo last evening took an unexpected turn when we ended up walking through this demolished abandoned building by the water….We trusted Josien and followed regardless. The path, marked by broken bottles and rubble, seemed unpromising…Until we passed the Portuguese Fishing Company abbandoned building and there is was. A fancy modern very tall elevator with glassed walls that took us back to Almada, so we would not have to clim back up the hill!

  3. ewenlb

    As usual, the social programme of KM4DEV was just as important and good (perhaps yet even better? Oh, sorry, I’m not supposed to say that 😉 as the content programme.

    We had a wonderful time with a tremendous session on the history of the Portuguese revolution, a FAN-TAS-TIC concert by Bill and his beautiful band, an awesome party afterwards and lots of really great dinners in excellent company and with delicious fresh sea food!

    And the social side went obviously way beyond that with countless get-togethers and spontaneous interactions within a great bunch of people.

    Learning with fun is great, and learning is more fun with others. Building trust is an essential pre-condition to share knowledge. If you still doubt about this, come check out the next KM4DEV event, you won’t regret =)

  4. sstaiger

    A big THANK YOU to Josien who did a wonderful job in organizing teh social program. As Jess I loved the evening walk. As mentioned to many, we do not walk a lot in Colombia so I really enjoyed it.

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