KM4Dev 2008 – Ground for Learning

An opening of KM4Dev 2008 at HI – Lisbon – Pousada de Juventude de Almada Hostel happened with lots of enthusiasm of participating members of the community. The venue is full of natural air and very far from pollution. The nice view of sea and city of Lisbon from the hall was giving more vibrancy to the workshop. Smiles in the faces and slight hesitance to mix with each other were there among some new members. On contrary, old buddies of the community were hugging each other and sharing their affection.

There was a nice picture of sea and waves in the wall of the hall. The picture looked very beautiful but was looking as if it is an empty sea without lots of happenings. However, the collage was used by Lucie for describing the history of KM4Dev. She shared how it the community emerged earlier with the effort of Bellanet. There were several events that had happened in several parts that supported in community building process. That has helped in creating a stage where the community members own the process and organize these events to bring members together for creating a shared vision. The collage was then decorated by Nancy, Allison and others for indicating all these milestones in the form of boats and fishes as the members of the network. Slowly, the full vibrant sea was the outcome of the history briefing. There was also spectrogram session that showed that there is diverse group of people present in the community with diverse perspectives.

Social Network Mapping Session showed that there are large number of sister organizations working for promoting knowledge sharing. It was found that there were more and more such communities, organizations and networks working in the area of Knowledge sharing and Knowledge Management. The session facilitator shared that she was expecting to have less number of these entities but to her surprise there were more such communities and organizations. The participants were requested to position them individually and explore link with other individuals. It was found that in the table there were some links that were already present. In some cases, participants also explored the potentialities of working together. We should admit that there were bits of confusion in the group regarding the linkage and grading. But, overall impression of the session was found to be impressive. It was felt that this mapping can be consolidated to develop a single map of KM4Dev Community.

There are always things to be improved especially when there is group of facilitators, there are several suggestions for improvements. On the other hand, if something does not go as we expect, the facilitators also know that we always do not get what we desires. It seemed that it can be a good experimentation ground for experimenting new facilitation techniques.


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