Open Space in KM4Dev 2008

Open Space was adopted for gearing up the discussion in the group. Hall was full of crowds who were eager to share their experiences of knowledge sharing and management. There was open space facilitated by Marc. The interesting part was the demo on principles of Open Space where Riff, Lucie, Allison and Peter just portrayed what these open space really means. They were also showing how to write cards and post them in market place. It was great to see their funny faces doing demo on open space principles, it is one of the thing that captivated me!!

There were several discussions going here and there as per the agenda pasted in the market wall. The beauty of open space is that there are agenda to discuss matter that participants cared most. There was feeling of freedom as people were free to move where ever they want. They can join any group at any moment using the freedom of two feets being bumble bees and butterflies. We can see lots of bees and butterflies in the open space sessions.

My session was focused on technical upgradations for KM4Dev community. Lucie was an idea initiator for the group. There were more people than expected so had to pull lots of chairs from here and there. There were lots of people with technical background suggesting her what should be her next steps to move forward with the community.

It is just one session at this moment and people are ready for the lunch which will be served upstairs in the canteen. People are busy doing small discussions as they are done with the first session but still have something to catch up for further details. The facilitation of the open space went extremely well as there were lots of people gathering here and there discussing and sharing their experiences. Hurray Open Space Facilitators, you were all GREAT!!!


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