You are not alone!

Open space is great in a way that it provides space for people to discuss whatever that matters them most. There was session to discuss the challenges faced by organization to share their knowledge and experiences and problems of convincing their senior management about relevance of knowledge sharing. Nancy came out with some questions that we should be asking for exploring solutions for mitigating these challenges, viz; What is strategic purpose of sharing experiences, what are incentives for sharing, how do you know that you were successful in sharing and what are source of resistance?? The critical assessment of these questions will definitely help us to find some answers to deal with not being able to convince people. However, we need to critically assess, have we just said that knowledge sharing helps to increase efficiency of their job or we have critically analyzed what it really meant and how it will improve their work in next month or 6 months. Therefore, bringing more specificity and short time benefits with concrete examples are helpful for motivating people to share. I realized that it is not only me, there are several other people who are finding hard to motivate large number of people to share their valuable experiences, so do not feel alone, there are group of people even in KM4Dev community who is struggling and learning, so do not feel left out so ride adventurous but lovely journey of Knowledge Sharing.


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