[Of all EU kids, the portuguese get to eat most veggies. In the soups]

Portuguese food

Lunch is serious business in Portugal. A time to break the day, eat a good meal, preferably consisting of soup, main and desert, maybe a glass of wine, and a strong coffee afterwards to conclude. It is definitely not something to be taken lightly, and if you do, it is implied that you will not make it till the end of the day, fall ill, “get stressed out”, or otherwise suffer from modern ailments.

Dinner is the less important meal of the day, (but also very important.) The Pousada arrangements are similar at both meals: such that you take a tray, pass a counter, take those items from the pre-set menu that you want, and sit down on long tables. Afterwards you clear your tray. The capacity is around 80 places, so a bit stretched with our 90 people: I hope with the verandas and spilling over in the café it will not be a problem.

Both lunch and dinner will have hot and cold dishes and bread to go with it. We have signalled the Pousada of the most common dietary requriements you have informed us of, which they would take into account. However, there will be no personalized meals: you should select foods you can eat.

For some more mouth watering information on Portuguese foods look here: a food blogger’s trip to Lisbon.

Check-in and registration

We have about 90 participants, and mainly Riff and myself to help you to get settled in and collect your fees, so I thought i’ld share with you what i know, it may help to let things go smoothly.

  • Upon first arrival, if you do not see Riff or me, you could ask the hostel staff to show them your room/bed. Please note that rooms have only 1 key. Since we are sharing rooms, it is important to always leave your key at reception, when not in the room, even when you are inside the building.
  • To get meal tickets and to pay for your stay, please contact Riff or me soon after your first arrival in the Pousada. You will be asked to pay in cash.
  • You will have to decide at that moment, which dinners you want to eat in the Pousada (for lunch, we are assuming all of us will be there).
  • In case you have informed us that you are staying on after the 21st of June, we have made reservations for you, but you need to confirm to hostel staff and pay separately, directly to the hostel, for nights and meals after June 21st.)

For those of you who have some to prepare for Lisbon and Portugal I am referring to blogposts by others (a Lisbon blogger, not related to KM4dev)
A small guide to Lisbon by André Ribeirinho. This is literally that: a small guide to Lisbon.


Getting ready…

Dear all who are coming to Almada,

For some of you this may be the last note before departure. We are getting really close. The venue is getting ready for us and a last spring rain washed everything fresh for your arrival.

Just to let you know that today the weather is a cool spring day with some rain, but the rest of the week it is looking like it will be hot. Still, as you may note, the minimum temperature at night can be as low as 14 C (57 F), and we are at the side of the ocean: a warm jacket or sweater for evenings is needed.

Note that taxi pooling is continuing, both as comments under the post “All made in Almada” and “Taxi pool set up”.

The Pousada of Almada Youth Hostel phone number is: +351 212943491

In case you need local help, this is my mobile phone number (Josien Kapma) (+351) 934273175. You can also send an sms message to that number. If you have access to email: send a message at josienmkapma(at)yahoo.co.uk with information about why and how to contact you, and i will get in touch.

Have a safe trip and… speak soon!


Discovery Day 18 June (09:00 to 17:30 hrs)

  • Introductions (30 mins)
  • KM4Dev Community Storyboard (75 mins) – a visual history of KM4dev and community trends
  • Break (30 mins)
  • KM4Dev Chat Show (60 mins) – a talk show panel with community members on questions related to the community
  • KM4Dev Tools “Do”-monstrations (45 mins) (in parallel with the Information on members projects, programs, organisations and/or networks) – demo of different KM4dev tools, with volunteers on hand
  • Information on members projects, programs, organisations and/or networks (45 mins) (in parallel with the KM4Dev “Do”-monstration) – poster sessions

Lunch (1.5 hrs)

Discovering Connections within the KM4Dev Community & Other Networks (3
hrs) – using social network approaches to explore the connections within
KM4Dev and between KM4Dev and sister communities via a direct drawing

Open Space Sessions (19 and 20 June)

19 June

  • 9:00 – 11:00 Opening, Icebreaker, Marketplace
  • 11:00 – 12:30 Round 1
  • 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 – 13:30 Round 2
  • 15:30 – 17:00 Round 3
  • 17:00 – 18:00 Evening news, something we do together

20 June

  • 9:00 – 9:30 Opening circle
  • 9:30 – 11:00 Round 4
  • 11:00 – 12:00 Round 5
  • 12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 – 13:30 Round 6
  • 15:30 – 17:00 Round 7
  • 17:00 – 18:00 Evening news, Consolidation

21 June

9:00 – 12:30 Core group meeting (open to interested)

This post is meant for those of us staying in Hotel Costa de Caparica in Costa de Caparica, which is about 8 km from the Pousada in Almada. (Again, look at the Google map, the hotel is indicated as well) .

The number of reservations received by the hotel, is less than the number of our participants that indicated they would stay in the Hotel. Remember that for those not staying in Almada Pousada de Juventude (the main venue, the Youth Hostel) it is your own responsibility to arrange accomodation.
If you plan to stay in the Hotel, please verify that you have correctly booked and received confirmation of your booking (Euforic/ICCO group has been confirmed). This is the person to contact for details:

Paula Sabino, Departamento de Grupos / Groups Department Tel.: (351) 212 918 906; email: paula.sabino(AT)hotelcostacaparica.pt


I have just spoken to Taxi Ratalma, the taxi company at “the South Bank” as the region Costa de Caparica / Almada is called. Taxi Ratalma has many cars available. I have signalled to them that during our event, a group will travel from Caparica to Almada, to arrive there in time for the sessions. The ride, in a normal taxi car, will cost about 8 to 10 Euro one way; 4 persons can go in one car. In the morning, there is no need to call: taxis will be waiting for you. In case you need a taxi to go back or at other times, this is the number: Ratalma Taxi, 212947071. If you phone from an international phone, add +351 before the number. Speak basic and clear English, they will understand. Of course, the Hotel could also call a taxi for you.

Wiki accounts

Dear KM4dev workshop participant, if you happen to receive a message from the World Wide Web Owner with the subject line “KM4dev wiki e-mail address confirmation”, please open it! You’ll see a link which asks you to confirm that you would like to create your wiki account, so click on that link.

We will be using the wiki a lot during the workshop, which is why Nancy and I are creating them ahead of time. We will also send your account information (username/password) in another email. For those who won’t receive this email, it just means that a wiki account already exists in your name (we will have the account info on hand, in case you’ve forgotten it).

bus mirrorring Lisbon (by amnésia under cc, flickr)

For those who want to immerse themselves in the city or are economical or adventurous, here some more transport pointers.

Airport to Almada

to the venue “Pousada de Juventude” or the “Hotel Costa da Caparica”, by bus.

Walk to the bus stop “Paragem Aeroporto” (Carris) (198 m)
Get line 745 – in the direction of Est. Sta. Apolónia (Carris)
Get out at the stop “Campo Pequeno – Av. Republica”

Go to the other stop “Lisboa (Campo Pequeno) Avª Berna, 6 Finibanco (TST)” (134 m)
Get line 161 – LISBOA (Pça do Areeiro) – COSTA DE CAPARICA (TST)
This will bring you over the bridge.

For the main venue (Pousade de Juventude), get out at the stop just over the bridge, right at the car toll portal, the name is Pragal (Portagem)
Now it is another (787 m) walk to the venue.

For the hotel at Costa de Caparica, continue until last stop.

Almada (Pousada) to Lisbon

Walk to the busstop on the toll port for the bridge. (Get on the right side) Get bus line 53. Get out an any place deemed interesting or “Marques do Pombal” (here is a Metro station to reach the rest of the city) – The last bus is at 21.30 on weekdays.

Lisbon to Almada (Pousada de Juventude or Costa de Caparica)

Go to “Praça Areeiro” (a metro station) and get the Bus to Costa Caparica or Almada, get out at the Toll Port just over the bridge “Ponte 25 de Abril” for the Pousada, or continue to Costa de Caparica for the hotel – the last bus goes 01.30 am.

At “Cais do Sodré” catch the ferry boat to Cacilhas – the last one is at 02.30 am – (and the first again at 05.30 am),
at the pier of arrival in Cacilhas many buses depart, lots of them pass the Almada Hospital
Garcia de Orta, so it is best to ask.


These sites are “planners” and are available in English as well. Carris is for the busses, the other combines all types of transport. Both are a bit slow to load, so be patient.



taxi in Lisbon [by brunurb on flickr cc]

The best way to go from the airport to the venue is by taxi. All taxis are metered. The trip to Almada one way, would probably cost about 30 to 35 euro.

The line for taxis on Lisbon airport can get very long, but usually keeps moving steadily, so that in the end the waiting time is not too much.
Ask for Almada (over de bridge, (the name in Portuguese is “Ponte vinte-e-cinco (25) de Abril). Immediately over the bridge you take the turn-off, then do NOT follow Almada, but rather “Hospital”. The “Garcia de Horta Hospital” is right next to our venue. Passing the Hospital, follow the indications “Pousada de Juventude”. I find the Google map gives a very good feeling for the surroundings, especially if you select “satellite” and zoom in.

Taxis are generally reasonably safe/good. One tip is to only pay the amount shown on the meter. Do not believe the claims for luggage or evening rate, or having to pay the toll on the way back, all this should be included in the amount shown on the meter. Some taxis are able to give a receipt. Very few take card payments. All appreciate a modest tip :-).

Denise, in a comment to the post “all made in Almada” has started of with a “Taxi Pool”, asking for others who arrive around the same time. This seems an economical, green and cosy way of travelling. Let’s all follow suit and comment to this post with arrival times and suggestions for rides. See for who is coming also the comments or this direct link: https://km4dev2008.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/all-made-in-almada/#comments

Here’s Denise start:

Any of you arriving on Wednesday evening? Perhaps we can coordinate for the taxi. I am supposed to land there at 9:20pm. Cheers.

For those planning to come to the gathering in Almada, you probably suspect there is some group of volunteers working out the details. That’s true! There is a team for Wednesday’s pre-event, a team facilitating the Open Space process for Thursday and Friday, a team working on the KM4Dev future planning/Core group meeting on Saturday, our hearty logistics team plus a team trying to find ways to both bring in the presence of those who can’t physically attend and make sure we share out all we can as we go.

What does this mean for you? Well, you might not know it, but you are on two teams as well. Everyone is. Here they are:

The Green Team

We hope to leave as light a footprint as we can. That means we are trying not to print out agendas (look on the walls), capture many of our learnings electronically through digital pictures and wiki pages, asking everyone to bring their own coffee cup from home to use over and over again, and sharing local transportation where we can. We know that our multiple plane trips are already putting more C02 in the air in one trip – for many of us – than the average resident of South American puts in the air in a year. So as you prepare for Almada, think about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. To learn more, check out these websites:

Calculate the carbon footprint of your travel to Almada

Think about how we might offset our carbon footprint

The Open Space Team

Since we are doing Thursday and Friday in Open Space (read more about it here) this means we’ll discuss and  what people want to do. So you might think about what sorts of sessions you’d like to see and lead. For example, I’m hoping to lead a session on visuals for cross cultural knowledge sharing. In order to get what you want, you may either lead or encourage others to lead a session. But what happens is totally up to us!

Soooooo…. WELCOME TO THE TEAMS! See you soon in Almada.

Image credit: ecstaticist

View to Almada from Christo
The view to Almada upriver (the Ocean to your left) from the Cristo.

Have a look at this amazing set of photos of Almada. Almada is right across from Lisbon, on the south bank of the Tagus River. The Tagus, although fairly narrow at Almada, has a large estuary upstream; for the lower reaches this is a tidal river with brackish water.

The view to the Ocean from the Cristo. Our Venue, the Almada Youth Hostel, is not visible but located very near the green trees left of the bridge.

Almada was really the most logical spot to build a bridge, and in 1966 the 70m high red suspension bridge was finalized. It was re-named later, after the date of the peaceful revolution in 1974: “the 25th of April Bridge”. If you are coming to our event, you will see the bridge all the time, for we are located right next to it.

See also the google map here: Google Map Almada Pousada de Juventude (zoom in and out and fly around!)

(photo credit: Portuguese Eyes under creative commons on Flickr)

A few of you asked if there would be any possibilities during the three days to present what you are doing, either your KM project or program, or the work of your organizations or network. The bulk of the workshop – June 19 and 20 – will be carried out as an Open Space, which will allow you to raise any topic you choose and to discuss these with interested workshop participants.

But we are also planning – on June 18 – a day of KM4dev community discovery (or re-discovery!). During this day, you will have many opportunities to discuss and reflect on KM4dev, both the community and the KM for development domain. We also want to invite those of you who want to put forward what you are doing by creating posters. These posters should be sufficient to “tell the story” without you standing next to it but we will do a lunch-hour walkabout session for those who want to ask questions. There is space in the main area for 12 posters which will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Any in addition will be posted around the workshop venue where space permits. We will have markers and flip chart paper, you will need to bring any other material you’ll need. Please note: we will not have any access to computers or audio-visual equipment such as LCD projectors, this will be a “low-tech” environment!

If you wish to create a poster, please send me an email before June 13: llamoureux[AT]bellanet.org

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