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View to Almada from Christo
The view to Almada upriver (the Ocean to your left) from the Cristo.

Have a look at this amazing set of photos of Almada. Almada is right across from Lisbon, on the south bank of the Tagus River. The Tagus, although fairly narrow at Almada, has a large estuary upstream; for the lower reaches this is a tidal river with brackish water.

The view to the Ocean from the Cristo. Our Venue, the Almada Youth Hostel, is not visible but located very near the green trees left of the bridge.

Almada was really the most logical spot to build a bridge, and in 1966 the 70m high red suspension bridge was finalized. It was re-named later, after the date of the peaceful revolution in 1974: “the 25th of April Bridge”. If you are coming to our event, you will see the bridge all the time, for we are located right next to it.

See also the google map here: Google Map Almada Pousada de Juventude (zoom in and out and fly around!)

(photo credit: Portuguese Eyes under creative commons on Flickr)