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For those planning to come to the gathering in Almada, you probably suspect there is some group of volunteers working out the details. That’s true! There is a team for Wednesday’s pre-event, a team facilitating the Open Space process for Thursday and Friday, a team working on the KM4Dev future planning/Core group meeting on Saturday, our hearty logistics team plus a team trying to find ways to both bring in the presence of those who can’t physically attend and make sure we share out all we can as we go.

What does this mean for you? Well, you might not know it, but you are on two teams as well. Everyone is. Here they are:

The Green Team

We hope to leave as light a footprint as we can. That means we are trying not to print out agendas (look on the walls), capture many of our learnings electronically through digital pictures and wiki pages, asking everyone to bring their own coffee cup from home to use over and over again, and sharing local transportation where we can. We know that our multiple plane trips are already putting more C02 in the air in one trip – for many of us – than the average resident of South American puts in the air in a year. So as you prepare for Almada, think about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. To learn more, check out these websites:

Calculate the carbon footprint of your travel to Almada

Think about how we might offset our carbon footprint

The Open Space Team

Since we are doing Thursday and Friday in Open Space (read more about it here) this means we’ll discuss and  what people want to do. So you might think about what sorts of sessions you’d like to see and lead. For example, I’m hoping to lead a session on visuals for cross cultural knowledge sharing. In order to get what you want, you may either lead or encourage others to lead a session. But what happens is totally up to us!

Soooooo…. WELCOME TO THE TEAMS! See you soon in Almada.

Image credit: ecstaticist